Enjoyable Ways To Boost Mental Health

Watching birds or jumping up and down on your bed isn’t typically thought of as a way to improve your mental health. You could say the same thing about knitting, singing at the top of your lungs, or the other unique methods found here. They may not be traditional, but they’re fun, and more importantly, they work. Read on for a few ideas on how to boost your mental health. 


Whether you’re watching them from your kitchen window, sitting in the garden, or walking in the fresh air. Bird-watching provides a healthy dose of nature that enhances mental health and emotional well-being. Nature is known to trigger feelings of awe, and bird-watching allows you to connect with nature. 

Jumping on the Bed

Jumping on the bed is something many adults enjoy as children, but as you age, you lose touch with your inner child. Even if you shout at your kids for doing it, the laughter and giggles that often accompany jumping on the bed show that it has a positive impact.

Take In Some Reflexology

As an alternative treatment for a range of ailments like migraines, sleep disorders, and depression, reflexology is the application of pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet, and ears that affect certain reflex areas of the body. It also has a number of benefits including nerve function improvement, elimination of toxins, and pain relief.

Rock Climbing

Recent scientific studies cited by BMC Psychiatry suggest that climbing is effective in reducing depression. The activity involves concentration, which keeps you focused, clears your mind of worries, and builds your self-confidence. In this sense, it can even alleviate the symptoms of some mental health issues.


Whether you have the voice of an angel or can’t carry a note in a bucket, singing can do wonders for your mental health. While you sing along to your favorite song, musical vibrations travel through your body and alter your emotions, calming your nerves and lifting your mood.


In addition to its psychological and social benefits, knitting can improve a person’s quality of life and well-being. The Kim Foundation notes that it’s proven to help with anxiety and offers several other benefits, including:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced depression
  • Slowed onset of dementia
  • Greater pain distraction
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation

Creating a Comfort Box

A comfort box can be a fantastic tool if you often struggle with anxiety or depression. They typically contain family or pet pictures, letters you’ve written to yourself, and positive affirmations. Making a comfort box is an easy way to reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety, emotional distress, and low mood.


Cleaning and keeping things organized in your home promotes a positive mental attitude and can have an energizing effect. To create a more positive and healthy atmosphere in your home, it’s best to tackle any issues now rather than putting them on the back burner.

Starting Your Own Nonprofit

An excellent way to boost your mental health is to start a nonprofit to help others in your community. Setting up a nonprofit is advantageous because it makes obtaining grants and other funding easier. You’ll need to create bylaws that specify how your organization is governed, how often board meetings are held, the voting process, and rules on conflicts of interest.

Have Fun at the Same Time

You can still engage in exercise, eat healthily, and get enough sleep to help boost your mental health. But by adding some more pleasurable activities to your daily life, you can further improve it while having fun at the same time.

Image via Pexels